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Summer Programs 2021

If you are still making summer plans, here is a list of some 2021 Summer Programs and Camps specifically designed for students who learn differently. Some offer college readiness classes.

Dates: 7/13-8/13

Location: (virtual only)

Landmark University - Summer Programs (on-line program also available)

Dates: 7/11-7/31

Location: Putney, VT

College Internship Program (CIP) - Summer Programs

Various Dates Locations: Brevard, FL, Long Beach, CA, Bloomington, IN, Berkeley, CA, and Berkshire, MA

Dates: 7/11-7/30

Location: Leesburg, FL

Dates: 10-25 day camps starting on various dates

Locations: Balsam, NC, Dubois, WY or Big Pine Key, FL

Transitions Summer Programs

Dates: 6/18-7/30, 8/8-8/20, 7/1-7/30, 8/1-8/20 Location: Mayfield, NY

Focus Collegiate Summer Cohort

Dates: 7/17-8/7

Location: Boston, MA

Ramapo for Children Summer Camps

Dates: 1-9 week programs starting 6/27, 7/11, 8/1 and 8/22

Location: Rhinebeck, NY

College Excel Summer Program

Dates: 6/14-8/28

Location: Bend, Oregon

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